masonite v0.3.0 submitted

I submitted masonite v0.3.0 to the Tumblr Theme Garden a few hours ago. This version improves and fixes quite a lot of stuff (all of which you can already see live here at – please see the changelog for detailed information.

I’ll post a quick heads up after the theme has been approved and rolled out.


"Atari: Game Over" Trailer

It’s here!! The official trailer for upcoming documentary about the ill-fated Atari E.T. cartridges was released today at San Diego Comic Con.

Coming this fall to Xbox.

via: Xbox


Doing some research on stencils ahead of an upcoming Paul Barnes workshop and rediscovered some of Kelvin Soh’s work for Stolen Rum. Florian Hardwig writes about the stencil typeface for Fonts In Use:

Avia was originally designed by Raphael Boguslav as Visa for Visual Graphics Corporation (VGC) in 1966. The bold cut that is used here was added by Jill Pichotta for Font Bureau’s digital version. As an “elegant stencil” with detached triangular serifs, it is a precursor of Decoder (Gerard Unger, 1992) and Dala Floda (Paul Barnes, 2010).